General practitioner and pharmacy

GPs and pharmacies near Renesse

General practitioner and pharmacy

GP practice Renesse

Address: Jan van Renesseweg 6, 4325 GN Renesse |
Telephone number: 0031-111-461280.
Calling between 8-12 am and 1-5 pm (in case of emergency also between 12 am - 1 pm and 5-6 pm)

Open consultation hour:
Monday to Friday between 8-9 am | in July and August there is an extra open consultation hour between 4-5 pm
By appointment:in the afternoon for consultations of 10 minutes (if longer, please indicate this in advance)

Pharmacy GP practice Renesse

Open: Monday to Friday from 8 till 12 am and from 1 till 5 pm.
Medications prescribed during the consultation hour, if available, you will receive immediately.

The pharmacy is located in the GP practice Renesse.

GP station and night pharmacy

Evening, night and weekend services are provided from the GP station in Zierikzee.
Only for emergency help by the GP who can not wait until the next working day.
Only by telephone appointment: 0900-1585.

Address: Borrendamme 9 (Scheldestraat 2), 4301 VD Zierikzee.

Emergency care hospitals

You also need a referral letter from the GP or general practitioner for emergency care (hospitals in Goes and Vlissingen). If you come to the emergency department without a referral letter while there is no acute situation, you will receive the invoice at home. If in doubt, always call the GP practice.

Call emergency number 112 for life-threatening situations.