Fjoertoer Renesse

Light, Sound, Walk

Fjoertoer Renesse

Fjoertoer Renesse

The Fjoertoer, this idea arose on the beautiful island of Terschelling and has also spread over to Egmond and Renesse.

Walkers can participate in this unforgettable walk, which has the emphasis more on enjoyment than on exercising.


The Fjoertoer of Renesse will be held on Saturday the 17 th of September 2016, and promises to be a real spectacle for everyone. There are two different routes; running from the head of the island Schouwen to the finish in the entertaining village centre of Renesse..The route runs through the abundant unadulterated nature of Renesse. There are different kinds of routes every year, which will always go through different parts of woodland, dunes and along beaches.

The seaside resort of Renesse is the central point here; participants will receive their starter pack and the start, as well the finish will take place here. The participants can park their car easily at the park & ride of Renesse.You will encounter some surprises on route, which are based on light, image and sound; this will have full play at dusk and at night. Therefore, the Fjoertoer starts early in the evening and will end between 10 and 1 p.m.

Young participants (6-11 years) who would like to join the walk do not have to pay full price. And because we are walking through an exceptional nature reserve, dogs are not allowed.

See the intro film of the Fjoertoer Renesse 2014

Renesse is known for its hospitality and you will find a sheer range of comfortable accommodations for you to stay. The following companies have already promised to set up a special arrangement for the Fjoertoer of Renesse. This overview will be extended soon.

Congres-Hotel De Zeeuwse Stromen

Camping Julianahoeve

Vakantiepark De Zeeuwse Kust

Hamshire-ArcHotel Zeeland

Camping International

Camping Zonnedorp

Camping De Brem

Minicamping De Welle

Camping De Oase

De Witte Boulevard