Renesse VVV Inspirationpoint Renesse

About VVV Inspiratiepunt Renesse

The VVV Inspirationpoint in Renesse is the starting point for your best Schouwen-Duiveland Experience. The most unique thing about the VVV is that you can interact with screens, stories, images and sounds that will make you experience the surrounding area.

You can discover Schouwen-Duiveland stories in the VVV. Think of nature, through which you can learn more about the unique flora and fauna. And you can look through a periscope underwater in the Oosterschelde National Park. Indulge in the island’s culinary products or stories about the water, such as the many water sports options but also about the flood disaster. Via interactive applications (headphones, video screens, touch screens etc.) you get tips on the environment and inspiration for your stay in Zeeland in a fun way.