Go outside!

You make endless bike rides from Renesse, you wander through the largest forest in Zeeland and come face to face with deer and fallow deer. Look, there the seals lie on a sandbar!

And are you adventurous? Dive into the Oosterschelde, snorkel in the Grevelingen or conquer a tough ATB route through the Boswachterij. Even more energy? Then follow a clinic blokarting on the Brouwersdam or teach your children to surf here.

There is also a wide choice in terms of culture and shopping: take a city walk through the monument city of Zierikzee, visit the Flood Museum or one of the other 6 museums on the island, eat a fish in the harbor of Bruinisse or admire the ring village of Dreischor.

You can reach Middelburg, Vlissingen, Goes, Antwerp or Rotterdam by car. Shopping, visiting museums; after all it is vacation!



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