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About Cycling & Roller skating

Renesse and the surrounding area are perfectly suited for exploration by two-wheeler.
The many cycle paths and the country roads offer you a varied view that is hardly ever seen in the Netherlands.
You can cycle through the dunes, forests, polder and along the water.

Recreational or sporty cycling

Recreational cycling or sporty cycling with the mountain bike, everything is possible.
You can easily choose the distance that suits you.
Moreover, there are opportunities everywhere for a pit-stop to gain strength for the continuation of your trip in the form of catering establishments.
Various new cycle paths have been created in recent years, so that the beautiful nature can be traversed almost everywhere by bike.
There are various bicycle rental companies.
J. Midavaine, an experienced IVN guide, will take you on nature & culture bike rides where you will see the surroundings under guidance and get plenty of explanation about the beautiful flora and fauna that the area has to offer.
Examples where you pass on these routes are the drowned land with its Plompe Tower and the Carolingian Castle.
Such trips last 2 to 3 hours.
There are of course many more options, whether or not described in booklets.
You can do this at the reception of your holiday residence or at the tourist offices.

Roller skating

Skaters, amateur or professional, are increasingly discovering the surroundings of Renesse.
Good roads and extensive routes offer a suitable course for everyone.
Unfortunately, Renesse has also not escaped the traffic threshold virus, but taking such obstacles is quickly forgotten when you discover the openness of nature and the polders.
Due to the vastness of the landscape, routes can be put together that cover almost the entire island.