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About Deer & Roe Deer

There is a large population of roe deer and fallow deer on Schouwen-Duiveland.
The majority of the animals live in the Kop van Schouwen, but due to the increase in the number of animals they regularly go to other areas in search of food.
They cross the roads, graze in the ornamental gardens or eat at the sugar beets in the yard.
You can spot a deer or roe deer without too much trouble in the early morning or at nightfall.
The fallow deer has a height at the withers between 85 and 110 centimeters and a head-rom length of 130 to 170 centimeters.
The tail can be almost 20 centimeters.
The animal owes its name to the white spots in its fur.
The coat can vary in color from reddish yellow to maroon (on the back).
A striking feature is the hoe antlers.
The ends of the branches are connected to each other by plates.
Only males wear antlers.
The deer is a small, graceful deer that occurs almost everywhere in Europe.
The head-rom length is between 95 and 140 centimeters and it has a height at the withers of 60 to 90 centimeters.
The summer coat is sandy to reddish-brown, with a white spot on its tail.
The roebuck has a simple antler with three points that he sheds between October and January.
The deer is a real nibble on everything that is green and edible.
It is mainly active in the twilight.