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About Diving in Zeeland

If you are on holiday in Zeeland you may not realize it completely.
But you are in the most beautiful diving area in North-West Europe.
Nature is beautiful under the water surface of the Grevelingenmeer and the Oosterschelde.
If you think you are jumping into a black mud pool, you are mistaken.
Every piece of the soil is covered with plants and animals that roam around in search of food.
We see many beautiful seaweeds, anemones, starfish, fish, crabs and of course lobsters.
In the spring the Sepias flock massively into the Oosterschelde to mate and lay their eggs and even in winter there are a number of special winter guests, such as the Snotolf.


The Grevelingenmeer is the largest salt-water lake of Europe.
Due to stagnant salty water it is really unique.
Beginner divers can enjoy all underwater life Zeeland has to offer, and they don’t have to worry about a strong current
Also the shallow depth is ideal for beginners.
Experienced divers certainly also have a challenge in the Grevelingenmeer.
For example, since 2011, some wrecks have been sunk especially for divers.
The deepest of these is more than 25 meters deep and is a great diving object for people who are looking for an extra challenge in diving.
You can even go into a wreck.
The wrecks are overgrown with all sorts of plants and even some animals have discovered them now.
Sometimes you will encounter a seal swimming around the wreck.


The Oosterschelde is an area that is more suitable for the experienced diver.
Due to the tidal currents, you see a great variety of plants and animals under water.
Here, for example, the Sepias return to their native soil every spring to mate and lay their eggs.
The dikes of course continue under water and in the shallows the large stones that lie there form an ideal protection for eggs and small animals.
For the really adventurous diver among you, there are challenging diving spots e.g. diving along steep walls.
All diving spots in Zeeland run along the waterfront.
Not many boat dives are made.
You can just drive everywhere with the car so that you are free in your choice of dive site.
You can buy excellent Dutch and German diving guides, which gives you a perfect description of every diving spot available in the Zeeuwse Delta.
Finding a place to fill up your diving cylinder will form no problem.
There are numerous diving centers on Schouwen Duiveland where this is possible and there are also a number of filling machines where you can fill your bottle 24 hours a day.

Zeeland is rightly called the Dutch divers delta!