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About Film Theater Zierikzee

At the foot of the impressive “Dikke Toren” of Zierikzee you will find the only film theater in Schouwen-Duiveland: Film theater Zierikzee or simply fiZi.
This foundation was established in 2001 with the aim of offering a structurally high-quality and varied film program for a wide audience.
A recent quality film is shown almost every evening.
For film lovers who prefer to go to the movies in the afternoon, there is the fiZi-matinee every Tuesday afternoon.
A good children’s or youth film is shown on Wednesday afternoons.
All films are selected based on content and quality.
The films will be shown in fiZi as soon as possible after the national premiere.
An important part of the programming consists of European films, including Dutch quality films.
In addition, fiZi also shows films from the United States, Canada, India, Japan, in short: from all over the world.

Europe Cinemas

Thanks to the collaboration with three other small film theaters in Zeeland: Cinéma Middelburg, Podium’t Beest Goes and the Ledeltheater Oostburg, fiZi has been included in the European network of film theaters.
Europa Cinemas was founded in 1992 with the support of the MEDIA program (Creative Europe) and the Center national du cinéma et de l’image animée (CNC).
It is a film theater network that focuses on showing European films.
To be part of the network, theaters commit to show a significant percentage of European films and organize special projects for young people.
Mutual knowledge is shared.


The current accommodation boasts a rich history that is closely linked to the original 18th-century mansion built in Louis XVth style.
This building was radically renovated in 1840 and made suitable as a so-called calico weaving mill, which, however, remained in operation for only a short time – until 1869.
After that the building has had many other destinations in the many years thereafter.
In 2011, this building that was still known as “De Weverij” was saved for demolition when the special beamed roof construction was discovered just in time.
It uses so-called “Emy trusses”, named after the French Colonel Armand Rose Emy.
The meaning of this construction is explained in the book Laminating without glue that is available for inspection in the foyer.
It also emphasizes that this unique discovery is of historical importance on a European scale.
The Emy frames can be seen on the spot in the foyer.
The fiZi cinema was built on De Weverij in 2011/2012.
The room has 101 comfortable seats, a digital film projector and a 7-meter wide film screen.
The room also has a stage and sound and lighting installations for theater and music performances.

Ring line

A ring line is present.