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About Flushing

Flushing is one of the larger cities in Zeeland. Flushing has traditionally been linked to the sea and shipping. Even today, the location at the mouth of the Westerschelde guarantees numerous maritime activities.

Flushing has a beautiful long boulevard with a view of the Westerschelde and the North Sea. The shipping routes along Flushing are extremely busy due to shipping to Antwerp. This means there is always movement on the water. Regardless of the weather situation, there is always something going on at the boulevard. Many visitors look for this unique viewing point in stormy weather. There is a beach at the foot of the boulevard where you can occasionally be ugly surprised by the bow waves from the sea-going vessels passing by. On the boulevard itself you will find a wind organ (there is always wind in Zeeland!) And on the head you will find the proud statue of Michiel de Ruyter, the Zeeland sea hero.

Every year various major events are organized in Flushing. They are often directly involved with the sea or music. The Small Sail, the midsummer night market, Film by the Sea and the street festival are just a few examples of this. The largest reptile zoo in the Netherlands, Iguana, is located in Flushing at the Bellamypark. Open since 1982 as a shelter for all kinds of reptiles and has grown into a real zoo with an area of more than 4000 m2! World firsts are regularly scored with exceptional births of exotic species. The center is largely run by volunteers.

Flushing has a pleasant center near the harbors with restaurants, shops and, among other things, the Arsenaaltheater, a very beautiful building with regular performances and performances in every genre. The 60 meter high lookout tower, the Kraaiennest, offers a beautiful view over the Westerschelde and is even used as a wedding location.

Behind the boulevard is the largest cinema in Zeeland, Cine-City. With ample parking and a large selection of films, often with national premieres. Special sneak previews are held and the cinema has a café-restaurant. Cine-City is also the location where Film by the Sea takes place annually, a cultural festival.