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About Flying a kite

A day at the beach is not just sitting and sunbathing. Enjoying with the whole family is what many people want. Kiting is one of the hobbies that people practice on the beaches. While the children run around the beach with colorful 1-line kites, many older young people and adults are busy with steerable kites. It’s all possible in Renesse, on all beaches with the 1-line pilots and on the designated beaches with steerable pilots.

Power kiting is a fast growing water sport. Sporty men and women of different ages regularly measure their strength with their kite, whether or not sitting in a buggy, standing on a mountain board or surf board or just dragged along on the beach. With admiration they often look at impressive kites that are being maneuvered through the air by their drivers and with which they perform one trick after the other with flexibility. It all looks easy, but appearances are deceptive … practice precedes this. For the right material, advice and even lessons you can go to various companies in Renesse and at Brouwersdam. Extreme sports are only permitted on the special extreme sports beaches on Watergat and Brouwersdam.

With the controllable kites you can also fly kites in Renesse, among others on the Scholderlaan beach, accessible via this dune crossing or by walking a little to the right from the J. van Renesseweg or to the left from the Laone. Of course, always take the other beach guests into account, wait if it is busy until later in the afternoon or walk a little further with your kite so that everyone can have fun on the beaches of Renesse.