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About Mills

Mills are always very present buildings in the flat Dutch landscape. They are also not to be missed on the island of Schouwen-Duiveland. No less than 12 copies have remained and are all in good condition. The largest part is supposedly grindy and can therefore be admired regularly in company.

Contrary to what could be expected in a polder landscape that was once drained, the majority of our mills have a different function than water drainage. The main function is grinding grain and/or driving, in earlier times, sawing machines.

Many of the mills can usually be seen on Saturdays when the blades are rotating. All the Zeeland windmills can be found on the very comprehensive Mill database site with extensive information and photos. In detail, not only all technical data and the history of the mills can be seen here, but also who the miller is and when the mill may be viewed. Highly recommended for the mill lover!