Renesse See & Do Oosterschelde lobster
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About Oosterschelde lobster

The Oosterschelde lobster is a truly authentic regional product from the Delta waters that is caught by lobster fishermen in a sustainable way. The catch depends on what nature the lobster has to offer in terms of food, water quality and water temperature. The latter aspect in particular determines the supply during the lobster season.

The Oosterschelde lobster can be caught from the last Thursday in March to 15 July. Certainly in those first weeks the supply can be scarce when it is still very cold. The Oosterschelde lobster then remains in its place and does not run into a trap. The Oosterschelde lobster is a special and unique product from the Southwest Delta. Scientific research has shown that the Oosterschelde lobster has developed its own DNA structure due to its isolated and hard existence, strongly changing temperatures and salinity of the water. Connoisseurs recognize and appreciate the fine taste that is associated with this. The Oosterschelde lobster is caught sustainable. Females carrying eggs are returned, as are small lobsters. By consistently applying these rules, the supply remains sufficient; also with the growing demand for this tasty lobster.

You can hardly eat this lobster fresher than in the restaurants around the Oosterschelde, Grevelingen and the Veerse Meer, the three fishing areas. In the morning in the trap, in the afternoon or in the evening on the table. A number of renowned restaurants have united in the Circle of the Oosterschelde lobster. They present a varied Oosterschelde lobster menu during the season. No menu is the same, the basis of the Oosterschelde lobster and the price (€ 59.90 in 2013) are identical. A ‘lobster wine’ is also elected every year.