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About Sport fishing

Renesse is an ideal base in the ‘Kop van Schouwen’, as it is popularly called, to practice your sport fishing hobby. Wherever you are there is always beautiful fishing water in the area for both the avid sea fisherman and the passionate inland fisherman. Here you can catch everything that is caught in fish. Everything indeed, because not only saltwater fish wants to bite here; eel, plaice, flounder, sole, mackerel, gar and sea bass in summer, but also in winter there are ample opportunities for catching generous, dab and flounder.

Renesse, with the North Sea a few hundred meters away (beach fishing) and a few kilometers away the Oosterschelde and Grevelingen (dike and boat fishing), is a good starting point. It is always possible to find a sheltered place. The Zeeland delta also offers plenty of options for boat fishing. There are also pieces of inland water where carp, walleye, roach and trout flourish. Is there a more ideal place to practice your noble fishing?

Different fishing spots

We start our site information 4 km north of Renesse. We then arrive at the sluice gate in the Brouwersdam. Popular fishing for anglers in the Grevelingen is fishing for herring during the months of April to August. On the North Sea side of the lock, large bones and eels are often caught on the left and right. You then end up on the 17 km long beach section between Scharendijke and Westenschouwen.

The unique wide beaches offer plenty of opportunities for catching eel, flatfish, mackerel and gar in summer and in winter one catches generous, whiting and dab. An advantage for the lazy fisherman, and who is not during his vacation, is that the row of dunes between Scharendijke and Renesse is narrow and therefore the distance between the beach and the parking area is short. You need a slightly longer walk to get to the uncovered beach between Renesse and (New) Haamstede.

This still undiscovered beach by both anglers and the bathing tourist is the beautiful very wide Verklikker beach. You can often fish here quietly in the high season, while the other family members are occupied with other beach pleasures. Further south between the lighthouse beach and the storm surge barrier are good fishing spots where it can sometimes flow spicy. One often catches sea bass here in summer and generous in winter.

Surprisingly many fish species occur in the Oosterschelde water that can yield a substantial meal after a day of boat fishing. As anglers, we will mainly have to settle for flatfish (flounder), eel and in the summer gar. But a day of boat fishing can considerably increase the number of species. Well-known sites are the dike sections between Burghsluis in front of the Koudekerk tower where you can almost fish from the car, left and right of the Zeeland Bridge and between Zierikzee and Ouwerkerk. The canals in the mud flats of Ouwerkerk also enjoy a good reputation.

Renesse has some inland fishing waters in the immediate vicinity that enjoy a good reputation with both anglers and hikers.

This 7-hectare fishing water a few hundred meters away from the center of Renesse offers good opportunities for fishing carp, roach, bream, trout and eel.

Southwest of Serooskerke, 5 km from Renesse, lies the creek area ‘de Schelphoek’. In this 60-hectare nature reserve you can walk but also swim and of course fish. The species of fish that you can catch here in this brackish water are eel and trout.

The historic canals lie within the built-up area of Zierikzee. The fish to be caught are carp, bream, eel and pike.

The fishing water from Ouwerkerk is brackish to salty. The species of fish that are generally caught are trout and eel. Occasionally people sometimes catch a flatfish here.

Fishing licenses

Whoever is a member of a fishing club is automatically in possession of a fishing pass. This can be a juvenile fishing pass (up to 14 years of age), a sea fishing pass (for saline inland water) or the general fishing pass (for saline and fresh inland water). These fishing passes together with the attached booklet ‘Lists of Fishing Waters’ form the permit. Grevelingen, Veerse Meer and Haringvliet (lakes) are also included in these lists.

However, many inland waterways are not included in these fishing pass lists because they belong exclusively to the local fishing club. To be allowed to fish in these waters, you can purchase a day or week permit just like the holiday fisherman. You can of course also become an interim member of the local fishing association. You can get information about the fishing pass or day and week permits through the tourist office, fishing association or fishing retailers.

WaterLicense holder Night fishing Max number of rods
Veerse MeerYesNo2
OosterscheldeFree fishing waterYes2
WesterscheldeFree fishing waterYes2
North Sea (beach)Free fishing waterYesUnlimited
Inland water generalYes

Night fishing

If fishing is not great during the day then you should definitely try it in the evenings or at night. Especially the excellent consumption fish such as eel, generous and sole can easily be bleached out in the dark when they are preying. Even real far throws are not necessary on the beach or dike. Ensure good lighting.

Winter fishing

The beaches of Renesse offer excellent opportunities for winter fishing, especially after a north-western storm when many broken shellfish are raised against the beaches. The specific winter fish that like low water temperatures such as cod/generous, whiting and dab often come close to the coast. Renesse has enough accommodation near the sea for an unforgettable fishing week or weekend. The tourist office can provide you with sufficient information.


For beach fishing, the guiding principle is that the best catch results are generally achieved a few hours before and a few hours after low tide. The opposite is the case with dike fishing, where the best results are achieved at high tide. Fishing from dams, harbor heads, breakwaters and piers lying on the beach or dikes has less catch influence on the tides. Tide booklets are available at every fishing tackle shop, tide tables are printed in (regional) newspapers.


Stable cloudy weather, preferably a few days from the west or south, generally has a favorable effect on the catch results. Especially after windy weather it is good to fish from the Zeeland beaches. Check with the water weather line for more information on phone number 0900-4008003.