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About Storm surge barrier

Zeeland is largely at or below sea level. The dikes were poor and low in 1953 and large parts of the South-West of the Netherlands flooded on the night of 1 February of that year. The chance of a flood then was 1 x per 80 years. The Delta Works ensure safety through the construction of dams and locks and the raising of dikes. Partly thanks to the crown on the Delta Works, the flood barrier in the Oosterschelde, that chance is now less than 1 x per 4,000 years. This impressive structure can be visited and viewed from inside and outside. Concrete with a 200-year guarantee surrounds you, steel doors 45 meters wide rise and the tide rages beneath you. A top attraction that also has a complete theme park built around it: Waterland Neeltje Jans, the nicest water park in the Netherlands!

Waterland is a mixture of sun, sea, nature, history, culture and technology, located on an artificial island in the Oosterschelde. Everything revolves around the water, its many possibilities and the struggle with it. In addition to the ongoing exhibition, there are attractions including a seal show, a hurricane machine, a 3D film, the Moby Dick ship and a water slide. Central is the impressive Delta-Plaza building in which the exhibition and the hospitality industry are located.

The 1953 disaster will of course also be discussed extensively. Eyewitnesses tell in sound and image fragments of their shocking experience in the cold February night. People lost property and well and regretted 1835 victims. The Ramp 1953 exhibition is not a technical overview, but a human account. Compiled on the basis of conversations with relatives of victims, rescuers and politicians of that time, supplemented with authentic radio reports.