In order to keep the beach crossings, the leisure businesses and the center of Renesse accessible, Renesse has a Transferium. You can park for free on this large site with 900 parking spaces. The center is 500 meters away. Ideal to start your visit here.

Between mid-May and the end of September, the BeachHub buses allow free travel to and from the various beaches of the green-blue oasis. 3 lines are arranged so that the traveler can get to almost anywhere within our region for free.
The BeachHubHopper is a cab van on call between 10:00 and 18:30 from various additional stops. It can be reserved by calling 0111-651212.
From the Transferium bus station, regular scheduled services with various destinations also depart. Translated with (free version)

You can use free transportation from the Transferium to the beaches (and back).
Take advantage of this environmentally friendly and sustainable solution! Have a good trip!

From the Transferium, the BeachHub buses run with 3 regular lines:

You will find public toilets in the Transferium building.

Next to the Transferium is the Garden of Renesse. A lovely place to relax for a while. Take a nice picture of the large beach chairs that are in the garden!

Bicycles and carts are available for rent at various businesses on the Transferium and in the village.

If you want something special, take the New York Taxi that is located in Renesse. These original Yellow Cabs and stretch limos were imported straight from New York. NYT runs at fixed rates all year round: 0111-464646.

And then there is ‘t Boemeltreintje, which makes a 30-minute ride through Renesse on Wednesdays in July and August. This slow train departs from the center of the village.