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Coronavirus COVID-19
Code Green in Zeeland
Dear visitor to Renesse aan Zee,

We receive many questions about the travel warning issued by Belgium and Germany:
Renesse is located in the province of Zeeland, for which no travel warning has been issued! We look forward to welcoming you!

Explore your Renesse

Are you looking for a nice bed & breakfast, a campsite or would you prefer to spend the night in a hotel? Renesse has something for everyone, whether you are on holiday with friends or family!

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Spend the night

Eating out in Renesse? Find a restaurant to your taste for a delicious breakfast, lunch or dinner.

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Want to score a trendy beach dress or a surfboard for the kids? The shops in Renesse would like to welcome you.

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Do you want to enjoy a sun, sea, beach and party in the summer? Then Renesse is the right choice for you.

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Going out

Looking for specific services within Renesse? You may find here what you are looking for!

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