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About Burgh-Haamstede

The neighboring village of Burgh-Haamstede is only a few kilometers away from Renesse.
The place is more than twice as large as Renesse in terms of population and covers a large area in the Kop van Schouwen because the place is composed of the cores Burgh, Haamstede, Nieuw-Haamstede, Westenschouwen and Burghsluis.
Just like Renesse, Burgh-Haamstede also lies against the dunes and here you can also go to the beach in various places.
The emphasis is on tranquility and natural beauty.
The cores of Burgh and Haamstede itself are formed around the churches and you will find a good number of shops there.
The hospitality industry is also represented with an emphasis on day-to-day hospitality, the night-time nightlife is concentrated in Renesse.
In the middle of the village, opposite the church of Haamstede is the beautiful Slot Haamstede.
A real castle with a moat and a rich history.
Around it is a final forest and a varied nature area and the dune area the Zeepeduinen.
The deciduous forest was laid out in the eighteenth century as a park forest near Slot Haamstede.
That can still be seen in the long avenues.
The forest is gradually becoming more natural, but the avenues continue to exist.
More than thirty different bird species breed in the forest and bats from the Second World War hibernate.
The area has limited access without a guide and a guide takes you to unparalleled places.
The castle itself can also be visited on a limited basis.
The Tourist Office can provide you with further information about this.
Nieuw-Haamstede is built around the famous lighthouse in one of the most beautiful parts of the Netherlands that you can find.
Vast dunes and the widest beaches you have ever seen.
Unlike the short beach crossings in Renesse, you can enjoy the beautiful dunes here.
The gliding field is also situated in Nieuw-Haamstede.
The other side of the village is completely enclosed by a polder landscape with on the south side the hamlet of Burghsluis with a small marina where you can also board one of the various sport fishing boats.
The view is fantastic, you can see the impressive Oosterscheldekering and the Zeeland Bridge and on the other side you can see the coast of Noord-Beveland.
In the national nature park De Oosterschelde the large sandbars will be dry at low tide and the chance that you will see sunbathing seals is present.
Towards the tip of the island you will find Westenschouwen.
Here is the shortest beach crossing, popularly called De Rotonde or De Trap.
You can also visit the Forestry Westerschouwen spectacular for this area.